Function category

Outstanding functions of ezHR software

Organizational planning

  • Easily analyze the capacity and labor performance of existing human resources
  • Quickly suggest succession resources in planning
  • Convenient in planning organizational structure through visual interaction
  • Proactively coordinate and balance resources between positions or departments when there are fluctuations in human resources

Digital office

  • Automate all HR processes from proposal to approval of registration information
  • The knowledge library helps employees easily ask questions, receive answers, and quickly evaluate the quality of answers.
  • The legal document warehouse and internal regulations are stored according to each version, with detailed authorization according to many layers of data access.

Business Intelligence Reports

  • The library system with more than 150 analysis charts for each functional group, from analyzing lead time of recruitment to comparing the turn over rate of personnel, OT rate on total working hours,…
  • A library of analytical criteria and indicators is available so that users can proactively customize charts according to their purposes and management requirements.

Employee portal

  • Paperless human resource processes such as leave registration, shift schedules, and business trips
  • Employees proactively suggest adjustments and updates to personal information
  • Employees can easily check their remaining leave, leave taken, …

Employee planning

  • Easily assess the current status of human resources
  • Flexibly build a set of required standards for each job position

HR Budget planning

  • Proactively estimate future human resources budget
  • Quickly evaluate and compare human resource budgets and actual results to balance and optimize salary budgets between departments and job positions.

Recruit and attract talent

  • Automatically synchronize candidate data from many sources
  • Applying AI technology to analyze capabilities and suggest candidates for each vacancy
  • Automatically interact with candidates from application submission to the results of each interview round
  • Automate pre-onboarding and on-boarding processes with new employees

Health and Insurance

  • Track your insurance participation process on the same platform and in real time
  • Automatically calculate benefits according to types of insurance policies
  • The form system updates automatically in accordance with insurance agency regulations and links reporting data with online declaration software.
  • Automatically update changes in minimum wage levels on time

Manage attendance and holidays

  • Connect and synchronize data automatically with all timekeeping suppliers on the market
  • Diverse timekeeping methods
  • Unlimited number of cases can be created, including complex cases in the Manufacturing, F&B, and Hospitality industries
  • Apply AI technology in arranging shifts for employees or departments within the company

Evaluate and improve performance

  • MBO_Goal setting and task management system (tasks manager) helps managers control the status of goal implementation, helps employees stick to goals and monitor the status of their goal implementation.
  • The BSC_KPI system helps administrators control performance through assigned goals and performance results.
  • The OKR system helps administrators manage strategic goals to promote work performance

Employee engagement

  • Employees can anonymously express their questions, difficulties, and concerns through the interactive and feedback system.
  • Managers can quickly grasp the thoughts and aspirations of employees through a periodic survey and evaluation system.
  • Administrators can analyze and diagnose abnormalities in the company’s existing policies and regimes through survey data, reviews and employee feedback.

Developing employees and successor personnel

  • Setting career goals helps employees determine current and future development directions
  • Analyzing capacity gaps helps employees identify strengths and weaknesses that need improvement
  • Competency analysis helps administrators proactively use resources when there are personnel changes
  • Help employees improve work quality and labor productivity

Personel records management

  • Manage employee information with clear data, warnings if input data has problems, reminders for data that is about to expire or expire.
  • Manage employee lifecycle from entry to exit
  • Online human resources process from proposal step to approval of registration information
  • Applying electronic signatures in human resource operations and applying digital signatures in the process of signing contracts
  • Automatically analyze and recommend assets for allocation according to each position
  • Online Off-boarding process from Proposal – Checklist confirmation – Contract liquidation – Decision to quit

Salaries and policies

  • Automatically analyze capabilities to determine the appropriate salary range for employees according to each position and title
  • Automatically warn and remind when the salary adjustment process comes
  • Automatically check, compare and determine the cause when input data or output results have discrepancies
  • Conveniently view salary slips on the app or pay slips via email with two-layer password security
  • Automatically export personal income tax declaration documents periodically according to the tax authority’s prescribed form
  • Automatically synthesize and export tax settlement data to the tax authority’s settlement software

Piece Wage

  • Calculate wages in many different forms, from wages for garment, seafood, and footwear products, based on individual output or collective output.
  • Easily set up product codes, stages, norms, and production processes
  • Automatic production statistics by connecting and synchronizing data from production statistics systems
  • Easily record the contribution of each employee’s work hours to the total product created in a shift through QR Code or RFID solutions for each line and each production line.
  • Flexibility method in assembling and dividing salary funds, from enhanced employees to enhanced employees

About Us

The formation and development of ezHR



Tinh Hoa Solutions Company was established



HR Pro7 solution based on Windows Forms


Top 50

Tinh Hoa was honored in the top 50 leading information technology enterprises in Vietnam



ezHR9 Solutions on Web & Mobile App platform



Comprehensive HRM solution focused on performance management and competency assessment

Developed and standardized for all industries: Labor, salary, insurance & tax law, HR Portal and management reports.

Automate the retrieval of timekeeping data from devices in many places  (factories, branches) with different lines.

Easy to expand, integrate API settings with ERP: SAP, Oracel,…DMS,..

The system can decentralize data to each function, encrypt data at the database level, and provide multi-layer security.

Decentralization & security functions according to technology standards: decentralization, authentication, data encryption…

The system is dynamically developed and can be completely transferred to the IT department for deployment, with the ability to expand system use at the scale of corporations and parent companies.

Web and mobile app technology

Over 15 years of experience in the industry

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Clients who have used ezHR software

Food and Beverage Service

Textile, apparel, accessories

Electronics, components & mechanics

Rubber, plastic, paint, packaging & paper

Construction, real estate, finance & services

Delivery and transportation services

Customer experience

Sharing from customers who have used ezHR

Mrs. Phương Thảo

G.A Manager

Before, the company used all Excel and Word files, but since switching to software, it takes a little time to assign shifts, register overtime, etc. But everything is accurately stored and tracked

The conversion process has to be run in parallel but after that the results are very good. Although we also encountered some difficulties, Tinh Hoa provided solutions to overcome them

Mrs. Lê Thị Mỹ Hường

HR Manager

Although the initial implementation was difficult and time-consuming, in the end the timesheet ran well (data from FM’s system was compatible with Tinh Hoa’s system).

The Payroll/Database Management/Human Resources Forms modules are generally good.

In addition, the staff from Tinh Hoa is very good and enthusiastic, ready to come to the company to support or meet online when required.

Mr. Phoenix Yu

Workforce Experience Manager

The thing that I like much is Tinh Hoa’s willingness to address our concerns and needs in our system. I appreciate the ongoing support and partnership from team Tinh Hoa. Business changes fast and we need to ensure our operation has a reliable tool to support our employees attendance management and meet all compliance requirements and controls in a timely manner. An up-to-date system technology and agility are key to us. “

Mr. Vũ Nhân Độ

IT Manager

Applying the system helps the Company reduce paperwork related to timekeeping, and at the same time, leaders can proactively manage timekeeping events related to personnel in their units

Timekeeping data is instantaneous and centralized throughout the company, convenient for managing timekeeping data from remote branches quickly and accurately.

Success Story

The solution that ezHR has brought to businesses

Applying ezHR9 software to its human resource management activities, QSR Vietnam has succeeded in improving the company’s operational efficiency. ezHR9software has supported QSR Vietnam in identifying and solving the problems the company is facing by providing appropriate solutions to help optimize human resource management activities. of the company.

Problems faced by the company

Human resources fluctuate a lot, the number of employees grows rapidly in the 3-year plan (actually recorded in 3 years increased from <500 to >4000 employees)

Work shifts are complex and change continuously, especially part-time working hours

Complicated salary calculation for many subjects, with salary cost planning for each store block

Viet Vuong has been in business since 1999. Focusing on garment manufacturing, Viet Vuong has maintained continuous growth by bringing maximum satisfaction to customers . The company believes in keeping customers happy by providing quality products at reasonable prices.

Problems faced by the company

Timekeeping depends on emotions

Lack of transparency in calculating wages and salaries

Human resources spend a lot of time calculating wages and salaries and cannot control timekeeping from factories

ABA Cooltrans is a leading service & solution provider in the field of integrated cold supply chain, serving customers in Vietnam and operating nationwide.

Problems faced by the company

Lack of transparency in timekeeping, dependencies and department heads (using equipment but editing data on excel files)

Using many systems (such as Oracle, SAP, WMS, Mobile App): expect the HR system to be able to connect to the currently used systems automatically

Calculate salary according to many models: time salary, trip salary for drivers, revenue salary

Phat Dat Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company was established in 2004, the main business line is investment and development of real estate projects, hotels, luxury resorts, houses, apartments, villas. real…

With the vision of becoming the leading real estate development corporation in Vietnam through owning leading brands, the company has continuously developed, invested in and traded many real estate projects in important cities. point and is one of the leading real estate development companies today.

Problems faced by the company

Manage timekeeping and salary calculation for many different target groups: Office, Business, Project.

Integrate data with future ERP systems

Established in 1993, VIET TRUNG LONG AN PAPER PACKAGING CO., LTD. has more than 25 years of operation in the field of paper packaging and has built a reputable brand in the market. The company is proud to be a Vietnamese private packaging enterprise that is associated with many major domestic and foreign brands. With the desire to stick together and provide thoughtful service to customers.

Problems faced by the company

The company spends a lot of time on timekeeping and monthly salary calculation.

The complex salary system with many different salary models such as time, product & driver salaries leads to many errors that cannot be controlled every month, leading to losses for the company.

Transferring payroll from old employees to new employees faces many difficulties.

Nedspice Vietnam Spice Processing Company Limited is a 100% Dutch FDI company. The company was founded in 1997 as the first grading and cleaning operation for pepper in Vietnam. At that time, Nedspice foresaw that Vietnam would quickly become a major pepper producer.

Problems faced by the company

Lack of fairness in timekeeping because timekeeping is decided by production managers.

Each department implements wage and salary regulations in a different, uncontrollable way.

Receive detailed advice on human resource management software