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Applying ezHR9 software to its human resource management activities, QSR Vietnam has succeeded in improving the company’s operational efficiency. ezHR9 human resource management software has supported QSR Vietnam in identifying and solving the problems the company is facing by providing appropriate human resource solutions to help optimize human resource management activities. of the company.

Introduction of the company

Established in 2013, QSR Vietnam is one of the leading companies in the field of restaurant chain services in Vietnam with a system of nearly 150 restaurants, spread across 18 provinces and cities across the country. Operating as a company selling franchised brands, famous franchise brands from the US such as: Dairy Queen®, DQ Grill & Chill, Swensen’s, B-DUBS, The Pizza Company, AKA House, Holy Crab, Chang and The Coffee Club.

QSR Vietnam has been affirming its mission to bring customers the best culinary experiences with the enthusiasm of more than 3,000 employees working hard.

With the goal of bringing the world’s famous culinary brands to Vietnamese consumers, the company currently owns over 50 stores operating in major urban centers nationwide with famous brands. reputation.

Problems faced by the company

Human resources fluctuate a lot, the number of employees grows rapidly in the 3-year plan (actually recorded in 3 years increased from <500 to >4000 employees)

Work shifts are complex and change continuously, especially part-time working hours

Complicated salary calculation for many subjects, with salary cost planning for each store block

Human resources solutions

Human resources software, timekeeping, salary calculation and employee portal, recording recruitment information – training – evaluation

Centrally manage timekeeping devices and automatically retrieve data from many branches > 400 stores nationwide


Resolve timekeeping for the human resources department by decentralizing timekeeping, work management, and leave of employees to the Operations department (store manager, area manager, branch manager)

Process information and produce reports quickly and promptly for human resource management

Standardize the human resource management model when expanding to minimize training and transfer time.


The case of QSR Vietnam has shown the necessity and benefits of applying human resource management software solutions. This solution helps companies solve the problems they are facing as well as maximize human resource management activities within the company. This is a case study worth referencing, helping companies consider and identify the problems they are facing to find the most appropriate human resource solutions.