Remington International LLC

Applying ezHR9 software to its human resource management activities, Remington International Co., Ltd. has succeeded in improving the company’s operational efficiency. ezHR9 human resources management software has supported Remington International Co., Ltd. to identify and solve the problems the company is facing by providing appropriate human resources solutions to help optimize management activities. company’s personnel.

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Introduction of the company

In 2007, Remington Products established Remington International Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Remington International is an American-owned company located in a modern industrial park in Southeast Asia with convenient access to a new seaport.

Remington International offers customers the option of purchasing containers directly from Vietnam or sending smaller orders from the company’s distribution center in Ohio where goods can be warehoused to reduce delivery times.

All orders are placed with the Sales and Customer Service team based in the United States. Remington International LLC practices manufacturing practices based on US standards including quality control, employment practices and safety. Remington International can provide customers with quality products at competitive prices directly from the manufacturer.

Problems faced by the company

Emotional timekeeping depends on the timekeeping personnel

Salary calculation errors lead to salary loss

Spending a lot of time on timekeeping staff

Human resources solutions

Fully deploy ezHR9 human resources software solution: human resources, timekeeping, payroll, HRPortal, evaluation, recruitment information and training.

Benefits brought

No more emotions in timekeeping

Reduce salary loss due to errors by 1 – 2% per month

Share timekeeping with departments


The case of Remington International Co., Ltd. has shown the necessity and benefits of applying human resource management software solutions. This solution helps companies solve the problems they are facing as well as maximize human resource management activities within the company. This is a case study worth referencing, helping companies consider and identify the problems they are facing to find the most appropriate human resource solutions.