Human Resources Management System for Corporations

Human Resources Management System for Corporations


General Introduction

Corporations play a key role in the economic development of countries around the world. Creates a large number of jobs and is responsible for promoting the economy.

Organizations are taking increasingly different forms. The dimensions and structure of the organization constrain human functioning. HRM is practiced in many different ways, due to these limitations and also because strategic decisions are made to meet organizational goals. Increasingly, flexibility is required from employees and managers to respond to new circumstances.

Centralized HR departments have largely been replaced by more specialized units, some of which may be subcontracted outside the organization. HR professionals will have to deal with complex issues arising from new organizational structures and flexible work models. These include contract arrangements, selection, control, evaluation and training.

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How do these corporations use management systems?

Characteristics of the corporation

For large enterprises, it is determined based on two criteria: having a total capital of over 100 billion VND or a total number of employees of 300 or more.

Large enterprises are always a strong leader in the national economy and play a role in stabilizing the economy in times of crisis. Large enterprises always create consistent and long-term economic development, helping The economy is always stable and fluctuations are reduced.

Currently, large enterprises operate in key industries in each country’s economy. In Vietnam, these are businesses such as oil and gas corporations, electricity corporations, coal and mineral corporations.

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Group characteristics

Challenges of corporations


The importance of HR is greater in larger organizations. As organizations grow larger and technology becomes more complex, coordinating the people involved in a business also becomes more difficult. Beyond a certain size, one cannot know what people are doing or even what their names are.


With the large scale of corporations, the challenge that the human resources department needs to face is two-way communication between the organization and employees. HR people must ensure that corporate goals are communicated to all employees. At the same time, record employee feedback for the organization.


Organizations have a hiring and testing process in place. The hiring process often involves multiple rounds of interviews, assessment tests, and background and reference checks. To perform this recruitment job well, the human resources department needs to build processes and strictly manage related information.

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Recruitment takes a long time with a large number of candidates


In small businesses, multiple owners and managers often have overlapping roles and responsibilities. These can range from recruiting, creating budgets or HR policies, creating financial reports, and managing payroll.

But in a large company you have to play a more specific role. For example, your responsibilities may only include payroll administration or employee training.

Human resource management system for corporations

To be able to manage human resources on a large scale like a corporation, specialized human resources management software is the most effective solution.

Human resources software for ezHR9 corporations provides all human resources functions such as employee information management, payroll timekeeping, employee evaluation, recruitment and training,… allowing users to perform tasks Different jobs but easy to manage on the same platform.

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The dashboard screen helps corporate bosses easily view reports

Corporations’ multi-round recruitment process can be easily managed and implemented through the simple information recording interfaces of ezHR9 software.

Employees can directly update personal information using the employee information tool provided by ezHR9 software. This is an effective business-to-employee communication tool that helps communicate organizational goals and gather employee feedback.

ezHR9 human resources and payroll management software is always developed to always meet the ever-changing needs of today’s corporations.