Viet Trung Long An – Paper Packaging

Applying ezHR9 software to its human resource management activities, VIET TRUNG LONG AN PAPER PACKAGING CO., LTD. has succeeded in improving the company’s operational efficiency. ezHR9 human resource management software has supported VIET TRUNG LONG AN PAPER PACKAGING Co., Ltd. to identify and solve the problems the company is facing by providing appropriate human resources solutions to help optimize Manage the company’s human resources.

Introduction of the company

Established in 1993, VIET TRUNG LONG AN PAPER PACKAGING CO., LTD. has more than 25 years of operation in the field of paper packaging and has built a reputable brand in the market. The company is proud to be a Vietnamese private packaging enterprise that is associated with many major domestic and foreign brands. With the desire to stick together and provide thoughtful service to customers.

The company wishes “VIET TRUNG ALWAYS GOES WITH YOU!” and strive to become a companion on your development path. The company’s development process has gone through many stages and challenges, and the company has achieved proud achievements, 200 strategic partners and 7,000 quality products.

With modern invested machinery technology. Viet Trung can meet a variety of printing requirements from customers. The company is currently using Offset, Flexo and Process printing technologies to bring quality printing products to customers. The company provides packaging and printing solutions: Offset Printing, Flexo Printing, Pre-print and plate paper to meet different customer needs.

Problems faced by the company

The company spends a lot of time on timekeeping and monthly salary calculation.

The complex salary system with many different salary models such as time, product & driver salaries leads to many errors that cannot be controlled every month, leading to losses for the company.

Transferring payroll from old employees to new employees faces many difficulties. 

Human resources solutions

Use an automatic timekeeping system with timekeeping shifts.

Get production data from the automatic payroll production system with a pre-set system of regulations for each department.

Get trip data from the driver management system and calculate driver salary according to established trip norms.

Benefits brought

Minimize implementation time and errors in timekeeping & monthly salary calculation.

Shorten the transfer time when converting timekeeping and payroll personnel from old to new people.


The case of VIET TRUNG LONG AN PAPER PACKAGING Co., Ltd. has shown the necessity and benefits of applying human resource management software solutions. This solution helps companies solve the problems they are facing as well as maximize human resource management activities within the company. This is a case study worth referencing, helping companies consider and identify the problems they are facing to find the most appropriate human resource solutions.